Costume Design – “The Bourgeois Gentlewoman”

Director: Krista Cowan | Adaptation of Moliere’s The Bourgeois Gentleman | The Madeira School | Photographer: C. Stanley Photography Design for The Madeira School, an all-girl private boarding and day school. Concept:  gender-swapped take on Moliere’s The Bourgeois Gentleman. Click to enlarge.

Assistant Costume Design – “Apples from the Desert”

photo by C. Stanley Photography

At Theatre J, Washington, DC | Director: Johanna Gruenhut | Playwright: Savyon Liebrecht | Costume Designer: Tim Mackabee | Assistant Costume Designer: Brittany Graham | Lighting Designer: Dan Covey | Photography: C. Stanley Photography (where noted) and Brittany Graham I assisted Tim Mackabee in his design of Apples from the Desert. I also built two dresses… Continue reading Assistant Costume Design – “Apples from the Desert”

Costume Design – “Imagination Meltdown Adventure”

Director: Lex Davis | Playwright: Frank Cervarich | Theater: Pointless Theatre Company | Original Music by Aaron Bliden | Photographer: Andrew Bossi World Premiere; Capital Fringe Festival Loosely based on Joseph Campbell’s A Hero’s Journey, Imagination Meltdown Adventure involves a drunken wish, magic, songs, and puppets. Click to enlarge.

Costume Design – “Hellspawn II: Black Aggie Speaks”

Directors: Lee Mikeska Gardner and Mary Resing | Theater: Active Cultures | Photographer: Kate DeAngelis and Brittany Graham Three spooky ghost stories premiered as a sequel to a previous Halloween show of short plays, Hellspawn: Plays the Devil Made Us Write. World Premiere. Faceless, by Mary Resing; What Fresh Hell, by Alexandra Petri; and Grief, by Michael John Garces.… Continue reading Costume Design – “Hellspawn II: Black Aggie Speaks”

Costume Design – “Why’d Ya Make Me Wear This, Joe?”

Director: Deb Randall | Playwright: Vanda | Theater: Venus Theatre | Photographer: Lisa Helfert Photography A grandmother and her granddaughter go through memories of a painful past: two women fall in love when their men go away to fight in World War II, and all four are forced back into their heads as they enter… Continue reading Costume Design – “Why’d Ya Make Me Wear This, Joe?”