Costume Design – “Looking for the Pony”

Director: Deb Randall | Playwright: Andrea Lepcio | Photography: Aga A narrator describes her sister’s battle with breast cancer. Challenge: building a bra piece that would allow the actor to leave stage with two breasts and reemerge a handful of lines later with only one. Click to enlarge.

Costume Design – “The Bourgeois Gentlewoman”

Director: Krista Cowan | Adaptation of Moliere’s The Bourgeois Gentleman | The Madeira School | Photographer: C. Stanley Photography Design for The Madeira School, an all-girl private boarding and day school. Concept:  gender-swapped take on Moliere’s The Bourgeois Gentleman. Click to enlarge.

Assistant Costume Design – “Apples from the Desert”

At Theatre J, Washington, DC | Director: Johanna Gruenhut | Playwright: Savyon Liebrecht | Costume Designer: Tim Mackabee | Assistant Costume Designer: Brittany Graham | Lighting Designer: Dan Covey | Photography: C. Stanley Photography (where noted) and Brittany Graham I assisted Tim Mackabee in his design of Apples from the Desert. I also built two dresses…

Costume Design – “Imagination Meltdown Adventure”

Director: Lex Davis | Playwright: Frank Cervarich | Theater: Pointless Theatre Company | Original Music by Aaron Bliden | Photographer: Andrew Bossi World Premiere; Capital Fringe Festival Loosely based on Joseph Campbell’s A Hero’s Journey, Imagination Meltdown Adventure involves a drunken wish, magic, songs, and puppets. Click to enlarge.

Costume Design – “Hellspawn II: Black Aggie Speaks”

Directors: Lee Mikeska Gardner and Mary Resing | Theater: Active Cultures | Photographer: Kate DeAngelis and Brittany Graham Three spooky ghost stories premiered as a sequel to a previous Halloween show of short plays, Hellspawn: Plays the Devil Made Us Write. World Premiere. Faceless, by Mary Resing; What Fresh Hell, by Alexandra Petri; and Grief, by Michael John Garces….

Costume Design – “TOUGH!”

Director: Jason Schlafstein | Playwright: George F. Walker | Theater: Flying V Theatre | Photographer: Chelsie Lloyd Three friends meet on the playground to discuss some very adult subjects.

Costume Design – “In the Goldfish Bowl”

Director: Deb Randall | Playwright: Kay Rhodes | Theater: Venus Theatre | Photographer: C. Stanley Photography Four women on death row in Texas discuss their lives and the circumstances that brought them there.