“Impressive costuming” – Gwendolyn Rice, Isthmus

“Costume Designer Brittany Graham strikes an intriguing style somewhere between punk and funk” – , DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Brittany Graham’s costume designs follow the period and the actual habits worn by the Sisters of Mercy in the early 1960s, featuring a black bonnet and caped habit.” – Jeffrey Walker,

“Costumes designed by Brittany Graham fit eloquently the essence of every character” – Rodrigo Pool, ShowBizRadio

“Brittany Graham’s costuming is amazing. A particular wonder was the transformation of Katie Jeffries from Janis in All Apologies, into Tamara, as a Tina Fey-lookalike Anti-Christ in Me and the Devil Blues. That alone is worth the price of admission. Costume choices for Kurt enhanced his lonely, lost boy blues. And in Me and the Devil Blues, the street wear of Aaron Bliden (Robert Christopher Manzo) perfectly finishes his portrayal of the nervous nerdy nebbish who happens to be brilliant as a musician and insightful as a person.” – Bev Fleischer, DC Metro Theatre Arts