Costume Design/Build – “Period Costume”

This costume design and build was for a promotional event with The Welders in Washington, DC. The task given was to create a “period costume,” that incorporated some aspect of menstruation. I chose to base my idea around the ubiquitous giant grey sweatpants nearly every sufferer of heavy periods has had to wear at least… Continue reading Costume Design/Build – “Period Costume”

Build – Masks

All masks have removable/replaceable metal nose pieces and are 3 layers: a 100% cotton layer, a middle non-woven poly filter layer (oly*fun), and a poly/cotton fashion fabric layer. Masks can have over-ear elastic ($14) or straps ($20). Masks come in 4 sizes: L, M, Child, and Toddler, and are made to order. $6 shipping to… Continue reading Build – Masks

Build – Togas – “La Clemenza di Tito”

photo by Elle Logan

Characters: Various | At Aspen Opera Festival and School, Aspen, CO | Director: Ed Berkeley | Conductor: Jane Glover | Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Libretto: Caterino Mazzolà | Theater: Wheeler Opera House, Aspen Music Festival |Photography: Elle Logan (where noted) and Brittany Graham I built several togas for the opera “La Clemenza di Tito.”… Continue reading Build – Togas – “La Clemenza di Tito”

Build – Corset – “The Beaux Stratagem”

Character: Cherry | At University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI | Director: Patricia Boyette | Playwright: George Farquhar | Costume Designer: Erin Levy | Scenic Designer: Joe Varga | Lighting Designer: Tom Littrell |Photography: Maureen Janson Heintz and Brittany Graham I patterned a new corset from an existing one in stock and re-made it with new… Continue reading Build – Corset – “The Beaux Stratagem”

Costume Design – “Doubt, A Parable”

At 1st Stage, Tysons Corner, VA | Director: Michael Dove | Playwright: John Patrick Shanley | Scenic Designer: John Bowhers | Lighting Designer: Kyle Grant | Props Designers: Deb Crerie and Kay Rzasa |  Photograpy: Teresa Castracane Photography Builds, for The Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio: nun habits for the Sisters of Charity New York… Continue reading Costume Design – “Doubt, A Parable”

Costume Consultation – “The Pirate Laureate and the King of the Sea”

Characters: Kalamara and Crystal | At Flying V Theatre, The Writers Center, Bethesda, MD | Director: Jason Schlafstein | Playwright: Zachary Fernebok | Costume Design: Zachary Fernebok | Photos: Wilder Photography and Brittany Graham World Premiere. For the world premiere of The Pirate Laureate and the King of the Sea, (sequel to Fernebok’s earlier The Pirate… Continue reading Costume Consultation – “The Pirate Laureate and the King of the Sea”

Costume Design – “The Wiz”

At Sitar Arts Center, Washington, DC | Director: Lorraine Robinson | Photo Credit: Sitar Arts Center Costume design for Sitar Arts Center, which “provides a safe haven to more than 800 students a year, 80 percent of whom come from low-income households, teaching important life skills and fostering personal and artistic growth in D.C.’s youth”… Continue reading Costume Design – “The Wiz”