Costume Design/Build – “Period Costume”

This costume design and build was for a promotional event with The Welders in Washington, DC. The task given was to create a “period costume,” that incorporated some aspect of menstruation. I chose to base my idea around the ubiquitous giant grey sweatpants nearly every sufferer of heavy periods has had to wear at least… Continue reading Costume Design/Build – “Period Costume”

Costume Design – “Dogfight”

“Brittany Graham’s costume design, while mostly simple, meshed wonderfully into director Ed Corsi’s world.” – Amanda Pasquini, Philly Life & Culture At Eagle Theatre, Hammonton, NJ | Book: Peter Duchan | Music and Lyrics: Benj Pasek, Justin Paul | Director: Ed Corsi |  Lighting Design: Chris Miller | Set Design: Donald Swenson | Sound Design:… Continue reading Costume Design – “Dogfight”

Costume Design – “Crystal Creek Motel”

“The time of this “period piece” is very specifically marked by the precisely wild costumes by Brittany Graham” – Jennifer Georgia, DC Metro Theatre Arts At Flying V Theatre, Silver Spring Black Box, Silver Spring, MD | Directors: Kelly Colburn, Lee Liebeskind, Dan Mori, Jason Schlafstein, Tonia Sina, Robert Bowen Smith, Aria Velz | Set… Continue reading Costume Design – “Crystal Creek Motel”

Costume Design – “Gary”

“The actors do a fine job romping about, and Brittany Graham’s costumes render key characters especially ridiculous. In the end poor Miles is reduced to running around in boxer shorts.” – Hugh Hunter, Philadelphia Inquirer At Eagle Theatre, Hammonton, NJ | Director: Ted Wioncek III | Playwright: Bruce Graham | Sound Design: David Pierron |… Continue reading Costume Design – “Gary”

Costume Design – “We’re Gonna Die”

At Flying V Theatre, The Writer’s Center, Bethesda, MD | Director: Josh Sobel | Playwright: Young Jean Lee | Lighting Designer: Kristin A. Thompson | Scenic Designer: Jos. B. Musumeci, Jr.| Sound Designer: Eric Johns | Music Director: Marika Countouris | Audience Experience Designer: Madeleine Barry | Photography: JayLee PhotoGraphy From the Flying V website:… Continue reading Costume Design – “We’re Gonna Die”

Assistant Costume Design – “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”

At Broadway Sacramento Music Circus, Sacramento, CA | Director: Glenn Casale | Choreographer: Patti Columbo | Music Director: Dennis Castellano | Costume Designer: Heather Lockard | Lighting Designer: Charlie Morrison | Scenic Designer: Cristian Johnson | Projections Designer: Omar Ramos | Hair/Wig/Makeup Designer: Thomas Richards | Properties Designer: Laura Walters | Sound Designer: Joe Caruso,… Continue reading Assistant Costume Design – “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”

Unrealized Design – “Is He Dead?”

For my master’s thesis I took lessons learned from designing the UW-Madison University Theater production of Is He Dead? and applied them to lessons learned the following semester while fulfilling a fellowship at The Milwaukee Repertory Theater, as I re-conceived my design for the show. Renderings below. Click to enlarge.  

Costume Design – “Is He Dead?”

photo by Jake Prine

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI | Director: David Furumoto | Playwright: Mark Twain (Adapted by David Ives) | Photographer: Beau Meyer, Jake Prine, John Drescher, and Brittany Graham (each noted) Set in 1840s France, Mark Twain’s “Is He Dead?” follows a fictionalized account of the life of Jean-François Millet as he and his friends… Continue reading Costume Design – “Is He Dead?”

Costume Design – “Twelfth Night”

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI | Director: David Furumoto | Playwright: William Shakespeare | Lighting Design: Deborah Smrz | Set Design: Rob Wagner | Sound Design: Kai-Yu Yen | Props Master: Shannon Jones | Photographer: Beau Meyer This version of Twelfth Night was set in Hawaii during the fall of the Hawaiian Kingdom, 1897.… Continue reading Costume Design – “Twelfth Night”