Costume Design – “We’re Gonna Die”

At Flying V Theatre, The Writer’s Center, Bethesda, MD | Director: Josh Sobel | Playwright: Young Jean Lee | Lighting Designer: Kristin A. Thompson | Scenic Designer: Jos. B. Musumeci, Jr.| Sound Designer: Eric Johns | Music Director: Marika Countouris | Audience Experience Designer: Madeleine Barry | Photography: JayLee PhotoGraphy

From the Flying V website: “Mortality may be the thing that binds us all together, but why be morbid when we can have a party instead? Join Flying V as we bring celebrated playwright Young Jean Lee’s look at living life with death on the horizon to the stage! Flying V Company Member and fan favorite Farrell Parker (‘You, or Whatever I Can Get’) fronts a live band in this mash-up performance that combines elements of a storytelling session, existential stand up routine, and rock concert to explore real-life experiences of facing down our inevitable demise. Directed by Josh Sobel, whose Chicago production drew critical acclaim and was picked up to run at Steppenwolf.”

Photos by JayLee Photography below. Click to enlarge.