“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” – Oscar Wilde

My artist philosophy mirrors my personality: I have strong convictions, a deep well of feelings, and a loud laugh. Similarly the art I am drawn toward makes me laugh, makes me think, or (ideally) does both.

I believe the purpose of costume is to tell a story that an individual character may not know how to put in words, but is their armor, their way of expressing their personal arc. I believe most people and all characters are telling their truth, even if it is not THE truth, and I believe it is my job as designer to find that truth and give it texture, color, and movement.

Thorough research with a keen eye toward society and art is integral to my process, even as a jumping off point in the creation of a fantastical realm. I am particularly drawn to new works, devised works, comedy, and avant-garde.



Pronouns: she/her/hers (learn more)

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