Costume Design – “Twelfth Night”

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI | Director: David Furumoto | Playwright: William Shakespeare | Lighting Design: Deborah Smrz | Set Design: Rob Wagner | Sound Design: Kai-Yu Yen | Props Master: Shannon Jones | Photographer: Beau Meyer This version of Twelfth Night was set in Hawaii during the fall of the Hawaiian Kingdom, 1897….

Costume Design – “Stupid F*cking Bird”

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI | Director: Patricia Boyette | Playwright: Aaron Posner | Lighting Design: Sruthi Suresan | Sound Design: Ethan White | Set Design: Keith Pitt | Photography: Beau Meyer and Jim Stauffer (where noted) Images of renderings and photos of the production below. Click to enlarge.  

Costume Design – “Smart People”

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI | Director: Chuck Smith | Playwright: Lydia R. Diamond | Scenic Design and Projections: Shuxing Fan | Lighting Design: Deborah Smrz  | Photography: Ross Zentner Regional Premiere. Four young professionals battle out their pride and insecurities, exposing their uglier natures while Barack Obama runs for his first term in…

Unrealized Design – “Summer & Smoke”

Summer & Smoke | Playwright: Tennessee Williams My greatest challenge was to design costumes that could be quick-rigged in layers for the character Alma’s multiple quick changes.

Unrealized Design – “On the Verge”

On the Verge | Playwright: Eric Overmyer Three adventurous women from 1888 begin walking through the jungle and slowly realize they are walking forward through time. Click to enlarge.