Costume Design – “Crystal Creek Motel”

“The time of this “period piece” is very specifically marked by the precisely wild costumes by Brittany Graham” – Jennifer Georgia, DC Metro Theatre Arts

At Flying V Theatre, Silver Spring Black Box, Silver Spring, MD | Directors: Kelly Colburn, Lee Liebeskind, Dan Mori, Jason Schlafstein, Tonia Sina, Robert Bowen Smith, Aria Velz | Set Design: Jos. B. Musumeci Jr. | Props and Mask Design: Dre Moore | Sound Design: Neil McFadden | Projection Design: Paul Deziel | Lighting Design: Kristin A. Thompson | Special Effects Design: Andrew Berry | Fight and Intimacy Choreography: Jonathan Ezra Rubin | Photography: JayLee Photography

Devised Piece. Twelve vignettes taking place over the course of one year (2003) in one seedy motel room (the Crystal Creek Motel).

From Flying V’s promo material: “WORLD PREMIERE: This Fall, check in to the Crystal Creek Motel – Flying V’s latest, one-of-a-kind, theatrical experience! It is 2003, somewhere up North. Well off the beaten path. A place you’d find yourself despite yourself. No questions asked as long as you pay in cash. Everyone wants something more. At the Crystal Creek Motel, we’ve seen it all…. Crystal Creek Motel  You Could End Up Here!”


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