Costume and Wig Design – “The Wizard of Oz”

Director: Krista Cowan | Photographer: C. Stanley Photography | Builds/Enhancements: Scarecrow, Glinda, Jitterbug, Tin Man, Crows, Lion, Monkeys Design for The Madeira School, an all-girl private boarding and day school. Design concept: a high-fashion retelling of The Wizard of Oz based on the set, which was inspired by the paintings of Gustav Klimt and Natasha Westcoat….

Assistant Costume Design – “Apples from the Desert”

At Theatre J, Washington, DC | Director: Johanna Gruenhut | Playwright: Savyon Liebrecht | Costume Designer: Tim Mackabee | Assistant Costume Designer: Brittany Graham | Lighting Designer: Dan Covey | Photography: C. Stanley Photography (where noted) and Brittany Graham I assisted Tim Mackabee in his design of Apples from the Desert. I also built two dresses…