Costume Design – “Flying V Fights: Heroes and Monsters”

At Flying V Theatre, The Writer’s Center, Bethesa, MD | Co-Directors: Jason Schlafstein and Jonathan Ezra Rubin | Fight Director: Jonathan Ezra Rubin | Asst. Director/Asst. Choreographer: Kristin Pilgrim | Sound Designer: Neil McFadden| Scenic and Props Designer:  Andrea “Dre” Moore | Lighting Designer: Kristin A. Thompson |  Dramaturg: Megan Reichelt | Photography: Ryan Maxwell Photography

World Premiere, devised by Flying V members and cast

This devised piece was proposed as a “playlist” consisting of vignettes of dance and fight choreography based around the overarching theme of “heroes and monsters.” Players wore basic black ensembles reminiscent of gothic comic book characters and added and took away prop costumes to represent widely varying roles.

Production photos below. Click to enlarge.

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